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Research and Development

INCO developed research on various size of steam coal to verify, through innovative machines, Coal’s characteristic as:
  • Dustiness;
  • Cohesion;
  • Petrographic Investigation.

Determination of dustiness characteristics.

incoal labThe dustiness is  determined according to UNI EN 15051:2006 „Continuous drop“. This process simulates dust generation processes where there are continuous falling operations conveying, discharging, filling, refilling, weighing, sacking, metering, loading and unloading etc.) and where dust is liberated by winnowing during falling and whirling takes place on impact.



Cohesion Investigation

Development of cohesion in coal and handling difficulties

incoal labWhen coal contains fine particles of clay and other materials, any moisture resident in the coal tends to migrate to the small interstitial spaces between the fine particles. When such coal is compressed (stressed), the fine particles are compressed more loosely together and the surface tension forces in the moisture increase considerably.  As the stress rises, this effect becomes progressively stronger.
After compression, the surface tension forces cause the coal to be held together in a solid mass even when it is unstressed.  The strength of this unstressed coal is the key source of handling problems in coal handling equipment.  It is referred to as cohesion or cohesional strength.  It is measured as the cohesion or the unconfined yield strength.

Petrography Investigation

incoal labCoal petrography is a standard method for characterizing the organic (maceral) and inorganic (mineral) constituents of coal.

Two types of data are derived from this method: rank (defined by vitrinite reflectance) and composition (maceral proportions).
Petrography analyses are used by geologists to gain an understanding of coal deposition, by coal technologists to evaluate coals for coking and thermal potential, and by coal quality personnel to monitor the quality of mine product or shipment coal.
These analyses also provide a powerful forensic tool for monitoring coal blending and detecting and identifying contamination. Ultimately all petrography analyses are used to assist better use of the coal resources.

The Laboratory also offers services of chemical analyses and physical testing of solid and liquid fuels and is particularly specialised in steam coal characterisation.

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